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Bethany Nemeth, LMSW

I believe that each person has been given a unique identity and purpose in life. I genuinely care about others and strive to build relationships through unconditional positive regard. I have had the privilege of working with adolescents and young women through mentorships, support groups, addiction prevention and recovery services, student counseling services, and program development. I have also enjoyed providing counseling and case management services for women recovering from addiction, trauma and abuse, and homelessness. I am passionate about providing support and encouragement as you find healing and purpose and it is my honor to be a part of your life and your journey. 

Areas of Expertise: 

  • Adolescents and Young Adults 

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) 

  • Creation Therapy 

  • Motivational Interviewing 

  • Musical Interventions 

  • Spiritual Abuse 

  • Substance Abuse 

  • Trauma-Informed Care 

  • Person-Centered Approach

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